Archive: Urban Design and Masterplanning

2014 BRUM: Birminghan Rural-Urban Market.

Urban demonstration orchard and market for a self-sufficient city. A reminder both of the history of this particular site and of the urgent need for healthier food.

Reversing the decision to demolish the Madin library, revealing its multi-level public concourse as produce market, project education hub, research institute, agri-business startup facilities, apple juice presses, cider brewery, piemakers, hydroponic demonstration units, rainwater harvesting systems and compost chambers.

A reticulated structure emanates from the upper reaches of the Madin building out into Chamberlain Square and Centenary Square, providing support facilities for fruit production, temporary markets and events, lighting and shelter, whilst visually connecting urban spaces. Competition.

2011 Ministry of Interior, Abu Dhabi. With Aedas.

Academy masterplan.

2006 Manchester Letherium. With Aedas.

How deep is culture? This proposal for a new Manchester Letherium examines the consequence of limitless artefact retention. Should we not keep everything?

Competition, published, exhibited. Judges citation: "Quite a serious consideration of a real world need: keep absolutely everything that was ever made."

2000 Birley Fields, Manchester. With Aedas.

Commercial masterplan with Phase 1 office project, built.

1999 Timber Wharf, Bridgewater Canal, Manchester. With Canniffe + Britch.

"The competition sought to create a new housing type capable of mass production, using modern building techniques at a realistic budget and challenging pre-conceived volume housebuilding. Nearly 200 entries were received." (Building).

1998 "Lily The Pink", Manchester Square, Liverpool. With Canniffe + Britch.

1997 Liverpool Central. With Aedas.

Masterplan for mixed use urban design and new public square above two stations.

1994 Chapel Wharf, Salford. With Aedas.

Inner city masterplan plus sample HQ office design.

1994 Atlanta Olympics. With Canniffe + Britch.

Transforming car parking into a spectacle. Competition, Honorary Mention.

1993 Granada Studios. With Aedas.

Fitting in to a wider area masterplan with a new 'circus' and public routes alongside the River Irwell.

1991 Warsaw Palace of Culture. With David Britch.

Reinforcing the grand square. Competition, Design Citation.

1991 Chapel Wharf, Salford. With Aedas

Bridge from Manchester to Salford; centrepiece of exhibition “Making the Jump” at Castlefield Art Gallery. Led to commission for actual bridge by Santiago Calatrava in 1995.

1989 Kelso Town Centre. With Lynn Pilling.

Competition, Special Mention.

1987 Berlin Wall. For Mythos Berlin.

Before it came down, a proposal to keep it, which the city has since done in minor key. A family of bridges and a linear park, drawn in fuzzy charcoal. Competition, Published.

1985 Manchester Once More.

Competition, proposition for a Berlin-style IBA in Manchester, followed by an invite from the Victorian Society.

1983 Colt Louvre Ideas Competition.

A supersized louvre dropped in on the city - what could it be? Runners-up prize and published.