Vacancy Rash: Vacant Sites and Buildings in Stockport

Vacancy Rash stems from research into the extent of vacant land and buildings within Stockport town centre.

At the same time as the council plans to build many thousands of homes on green belt land around the town, it presides over widespread site and building vacancy, whilst at the same time frittering away hundreds of millions of pounds on highways projects. The town centre is becoming little more than a roundabout, to which the car-bound navigate merely to connect with somewhere else.

Vacancy Rash comments on this situation, mapping empty land and buildings within the town centre. Sadly the Stockport Planner has contacted a disease which may be terminal.

It is made of “authentic” materials; blue engineering pencil, stage blood (ever tried getting hold of real blood in the UK?) and yacht varnish. Exhibited at Stockport Art Gallery 2017.