UCLan Studio | Grenfell-Baines Institute of Architecture

Through consultation with staff and students, a design for a single architecture studio at UCLan’s Grenfell-Baines Institute of Architecture. This proposal has at its core the idea that studio should prioritise student-centred design, over admin-convenient design.

A single studio space for years one to six is envisaged, with retreat and consultation pods for staff and students, review space near the entrance used by all students, pc stations located in the studio, drawing board space, and staffed cafe and resource rooms. Studio ‘territories’ and personalisation would be changed periodically through student-led design.

The benefits of this design are greater interaction between year groups, availability of resources to enable more immediate and effective references, ownership of studio, simplicity of adaptation by removal of non-loadbearing walls within frame structure, potential for improved front door to Corporation Street, and hence identity.

Design 2014. UCLan Year 2 student workshop 2023.