Beis Yaakov High School For Girls | with Aedas | Radford Educational Trust | Salford City Council

This project is an essay on the public and private role of schools. Complementing the curriculum needs of 275 girls, the school is also intensively used by the local community for weddings, dances, conferences and more. Further, the design responds to the Orthodox wish for female pupils’ modesty to be upheld as far as possible. This has led to a unique design solution.

Teaching and support spaces are wrapped around a central ‘heart’, comprising hall, dining and ‘outdoor room’. Enclosed within the perimeter but technically an external space, the ‘outdoor room’ provides dedicated ‘modest’ external play screened from external view, serving as overflow area at break time and lunch, and as gathering space for community functions. The nature of the wall between the space and the grounds outside preserves the modesty of the space whilst maximising natural daylight and allowing at times free access.

3876m2. Completed 2006.