Urban Design and Masterplanning
Ideas and frameworks:
1. Atlanta 1994, with Canniffe + Britch. Transforming car parking into a spectacle.
2. Chapel Wharf, Salford, 1994, with Aedas. Also bridge, Manchester to Salford; centrepiece of exhibition “Making the Jump” at Castlefield Art Gallery (actual bridge by Calatrava 1995).
3. Stockport, 2003, with Canniffe + Britch.
4. Liverpool Central, 1997, with Aedas. Masterplan for mixed use urban design and new public square above two stations, 1997.
5. Grand Concourse, Bronx, NY, 2009, with Britch + Martlew, [plan far right]. Re-use of an urban highway as a habitable food-based landscape.
6. Place Lalla Yeddouna, Fez, with Goralska.
7. Ministry of Interior, Abu Dhabi, 2011, with Aedas.
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