Prospects for Stockport | Stockport Bypass Facts
Two (so far) reports analyzing the prospects for green spaces in Stockport, specifically the MBC/SEMMMS plan to route a polluting highway through the beautiful Goyt Valley.

“Prospects for Stockport 1” looks at the SEMMMS A6-M60 proposal for highway expansion, serving airport-based warehouse distribution. There are no simple perspective views of the projected works, why? When produced, images of highway proposals are invariably fake marketing tools, giving a misleading impression of a clutter- and traffic-free environment. By using 3D spatial modelling and photomontage techniques, official technical drawings can be interpreted to produce "before" and "after" views to assist the local community in understanding the extent of despoliation of our priceless green space that this project will bring.

“Prospects for Stockport 2” uses regional case studies to predict the suburbanizing impact of the SEMMMS project. What will be the implications for the town centre of building low density housing and retail sheds on the outskirts? Should not the wider planning implications of highway building be considered along with bat and newt studies?

This fight goes on...