Various Projects
1. Cheadle Parish Church, Cheshire, Stonework Repairs to Tower, 1985, with The Moxham Clark Partnership. Sensitive repairs in accordance with  SPAB principles.

2. Hotel, Salford, 1998, with Aedas.

3. Canon Slade Chapel, 1999, with Aedas. The chapel consists of two interlocking volumes. The space formed addresses the school approach, creates a secluded entrance garden, and is partly enclosed as a foyer, which leads through the entrance and around to the “upper room”. 460m2.

4. Tatton Garden Festival Pavilion, 2004, with Aedas. A temporary structure with sound filtering out from an unseen source, a challenge to the notion that musicians crave attention. Their space is sunk into the ground by 2m, blackened by charred moss encrusted retaining walls. These absorb sound waves, which would otherwise be reflected disturbingly back across the space. A canopy is used to bounce primary coloured light and sound from below to the surroundings.

5. Manchester Letherium, 2005, with Aedas. How deep is culture? This proposal examines the consequence of limitless artefact retention, providing a framework for storage and retrieval of what would otherwise be consigned to memory. Competition. Published / exhibited, judges citation, “Quite a serious consideration of a real world need: keep absolutely everything that was ever made.”